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Empowering Change Leadership in the Age of AI

Uncover a fresh perspective on leading change with 'Gardeners Not Mechanics', a pivotal book by Gary Lloyd, a seasoned change leadership expert, keynote speaker, and consultant.


In a world where generative AI is reshaping our understanding of work and leadership, Gary Lloyd's book provides fresh, innovative insights into managing and leading change. His approach equips leaders to cultivate an environment of growth and adaptation, like gardeners tending their plants, rather than the outdated mechanics of forcing change.

In addition to his pioneering book, Gary extends his innovative approach to leadership development through a unique ChatGPT App, 'The Leadership Skills Lab', which offers aspiring leaders an opportunity to role-play and practice essential leadership skills with a sophisticated AI chatbot.


My name is Gary Lloyd

I am a change leadership expert, consultant, and author with decades of experience facilitating significant, sustainable organisational change. Co-chair of Warwick Business School's Mentoring Program and author of two influential books, I bring a unique perspective to change leadership, likening it more to the work of a gardener than a mechanic. My work has generated substantial business value across various sectors, especially in financial markets and banking organisations.

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About The Book

Gardeners Not Mechanics: How to Cultivate Change at Work

A revolutionary book that challenges popular "change management" recipes that have often failed to deliver sustainable value. The book highlights three critical characteristics of work ecosystems - unpredictability, interdependence, and limits of control. Author Gary Lloyd presents a new framework for thinking like a gardener called "The Elements of Gardening." This book is for anyone seeking to achieve successful and lasting change in their organisation or themselves by approaching change as a gardener rather than as a mechanic.

Given the advent of generative AI, this book is more relevant than ever. As AI continues to reshape our workplaces, understanding the dynamics of organisational change is vital. "Gardeners Not Mechanics" provides the tools and insights to navigate these changes successfully.

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If you are a ChatGPT Plus user, you can explore the book using this link.

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Keynote Speaker

Gary is a sought-after keynote speaker known for his insightful and engaging presentations. With a wealth of experience in leading organisational change, he brings a unique perspective to a range of topics, including change leadership, the role of AI in business, and the power of the 'gardening' approach. Gary's keynote speeches leave audiences inspired, motivated, and equipped with practical strategies for cultivating change in their organisations.

Learning and Development Solutions

Gary offers a variety of learning resources for those looking to strengthen their leadership skills. These include popular courses on Udemy, which have already helped numerous aspiring leaders. In addition, Gary is at the forefront of the micro-learning revolution, working in partnership with a new micro-learning platform to provide bite-sized, yet impactful learning experiences. One of his innovative offerings is 'The Leadership Skills Lab', a ChatGPT-powered App. This groundbreaking tool allows users to practice a range of leadership skills in role-plays with an AI chatbot, providing a unique and interactive way to enhance leadership abilities

Tailored Change Leadership Workshops

Gary hosts bespoke workshops aimed at equipping individuals and teams with the tools and strategies needed to navigate real and immediate change scenarios in their organisations. Gary's sessions are deeply personalised and pragmatic. Participants bring their current change challenges to the table, transforming theory into practice through interactive exercises and guided discussions. Whether you're part of a group from the same organisation or an individual leader, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn and apply change leadership principles directly to your own work environment. Experience the power of thinking like a gardener, not a mechanic, and revolutionize the way you navigate change

Phil F.

Recruitment Company Founder & MD

"I have been running keynote speaking events for over 10 years and Gary Lloyd is one of the most engaging speakers that I have ever worked with. His passion shines through when he speaks and he has that rare skill of being able to captivate and educate an audience whilst delivering an entertaining keynote."

Scott A.

Leadership Educator, Speaker, Author/Scholar, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

“ If you are listening closely, you could actually hear the gears in my mind turning throughout that discussion"

Matthew H.

Amazon Reviewer

"I'm forever grateful to Gary Lloyd for writing this wonderful treatise on effecting change in the workplace. "

Antonio L.

Chair of Consultancy Specialist Group, for professional body

"Gary has been a guest a great speaker for us on a number of occaisions and we've already asked hime to run a workshop for us later in 2023"
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