Gary Lloyd

Consultancy, Coaching & Training

I help organisations make sustainable change, using an approach that combines: Lean Project Management; Behavioural Science; Design Thinking and solid Programme Management practice

Today's organisations are more like ecosystems than machines. Sustainable change, therefore, is more likely to succeed if we approach change as a gardener, rather than a mechanic. Success depends on recognising and embracing unpredictability, not pretending it doesn't exist.

I have directed and consulted in numerous large-scale, often IT-enabled, projects and programmes that have delivered tens of millions of pounds of business value, primarily in financial markets and banking organisations.

In addition to my work in organisational change, I am also a member of the Warwick Business School Executive Coaching Panel, and a steering committee member for the school's award winning Mentoring Programme, helping high-achievers get the results they want.

i am the author of the book Business Leadership for IT Projects and will be publishing my second book, Gardeners not Mechanics: how to cultivate change at work, later this year.

I also have a portfolio of standalone online courses at Udemy​. Make contact for generous discounts.


Previous Book

Business Leadership for IT Projects

IT-based projects have a poor track record. Less than a third of projects deliver what they said they would, on schedule and budget.

The primary cause of IT-based project failure is not, as you might expect, poor IT leadership or complicated technology but poor business leadership. One of the reasons for this is that, unlike their IT peers, business managers often get little training or education in project delivery, let alone the particular case represented by an IT-based project.

This book addresses the gap by providing tools and ideas that apply to all sizes of projects. It sets out the critical project touchpoints, where business leaders can have a significant impact on project success. 

The book is firmly rooted in my Gardeners not Mechanics and Lean Project Management philosophies.

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