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About Gary Lloyd

Gary Lloyd is a seasoned change leadership expert, keynote speaker, and author known for his innovative approach to leading change in the Age of AI. His work equips leaders to cultivate an environment of growth and adaptation, like gardeners tending their plants, a departure from the traditional mechanics of forcing change.


Gary's expertise stems from decades of experience facilitating significant, sustainable organizational change across various sectors, mainly focusing on financial markets and banking organizations. As the co-chair of Warwick Business School's Mentoring Program and the author of the influential book 'Gardeners Not Mechanics: How to Cultivate Change at Work', Gary has a unique perspective on change leadership and has generated substantial business value for numerous organizations.


'Gardeners Not Mechanics' is a revolutionary book that challenges popular "change management" methods, offering a fresh framework for thinking about change as a gardener would. It highlights the unpredictability, interdependence, and limits of control inherent in work ecosystems, making it particularly relevant in the current business landscape continuously reshaped by AI.


In addition to his book, Gary offers various services and learning resources, including keynote speeches, tailored change leadership workshops, and innovative online courses. His groundbreaking offerings include 'The Leadership Skills Lab', a ChatGPT-powered App. This state-of-the-art tool provides a unique, interactive way for aspiring leaders to practice essential leadership skills with a sophisticated AI chatbot.


Whether you're looking for insights into leading change, enhancing your leadership skills, or exploring ways to navigate change successfully in your organization, Gary's expertise can guide you towards success. Connect with Gary to learn more about his services and how they can support your leadership journey.

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