Gary Lloyd

Consultancy, Coaching & Training

I help organisations make sustainable change, using an approach that combines: Lean Project Management; Behavioural Science; Design Thinking and solid Programme Management practice


Today's organisations are more like ecosystems than machines. Sustainable change, therefore, is more likely to succeed if we approach change as a gardener, rather than a mechanic. Success depends on recognising and embracing unpredictability, not pretending it doesn't exist.

I have directed and consulted in numerous large-scale, often IT-enabled, projects and programmes that have delivered tens of millions of pounds of business value, primarily in financial markets and banking organisations.

In addition to my work in organisational change, I am also a member of the Warwick Business School Executive Coaching Panel, and a steering committee member for the school's award winning Mentoring Programme, helping high-achievers get the results they want.

I am the author of two books:

Gardeners Not Mechanics: How to cultivate change at work (see below)

Business Leadership for IT Projects


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