Gary Lloyd

Consultancy, Coaching & Training

I help organisations make lasting change, by helping them to think and act like gardeners, not mechanics.

Since 1994, when I managed my first large IT-enabled change programme, I have directed and consulted in numerous large-scale programmes and projects that have delivered tens of millions of pounds of business value, primarily, but not exclusively, in financial markets and banking organisations.

In addition to my work in organisational change, for the last 12 years, I have been a member of the Warwick Business School Executive Coaching Panel, and a steering committee member for the school's award winning Mentoring Programme, helping senior and mid-level executives to achieve success. The mentoring programme has 240 mentors and has mentored over 1,000 mentees since 2009, providing me with a unique window on the world of work.

I believe that the world of work is more like an ecosystem than a machine. Sustainable change, therefore, is more likely to succeed if we approach change as a gardener, rather than a mechanic. Success depends on recognising and embracing unpredictability, not pretending it doesn't exist.

I am the author of two books:

  • Gardeners Not Mechanics: How to cultivate change at work and

  • Business Leadership for IT Projects

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