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The Cool Factor: Why I Think ChatGPT Has an Advantage Over Google and Microsoft

In my previous post, I discussed how OpenAI's ChatGPT has a first-mover advantage over Google and Microsoft in the AI arms race. But there's another factor that I believe gives ChatGPT an edge - it's cool.

When Google first started, it was cool. It followed a familiar pattern of adoption of innovation. Early adopters were tech-savvy people who, in themselves, were considered cool by those they influenced. This made the product aspirational, and for a long time, it pulled off the trick of being both ubiquitous and cool - a trick that Apple continues to maintain. It's also something that the Converse brand has managed to maintain despite being owned by Nike.

Unfortunately for Google, it stopped being cool a long time ago when it moved away from its famous slogan "Don't be evil." And Microsoft has never been cool.

This is where ChatGPT has an advantage. It's new and cool. People are intrigued by its capabilities and excited about its possibilities. As a result, ChatGPT is attracting influential early adopters with a reputation for being cool. This makes ChatGPT aspirational and appealing to a wider audience.

In addition to its first mover advantage, I believe ChatGPT will stay ahead of Google and Microsoft for some time, simply because it's cool and they aren't. As we've seen with other brands, being cool is a powerful factor that can help a product maintain its popularity and influence over time.


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