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Change leadership needs plain language

Don't use language to look smart. If you want to lead change, use plain language that's easy to grasp and pass on. Otherwise, your message will not travel far.

And that's critical because the world of work is an ecosystem. Successful change depends on a shared understanding of purpose, vision, plans and tools.

Beware of language that excludes others. As Steve Jobs was fond of saying, "simplicity is sophistication". That doesn't mean that simplicity is effortless. And nor is it the same as simplistic. Sometimes simplicity takes genius and much hard work to achieve.

However, you have two tools to express yourself plainly: analogies and stories. You can use an analogy to hang new concepts on a framework of familiar ideas. And stories bring to life your analogies using memorable examples that, ideally, harness emotions.

See my YouTube playlist of 3-minute video bites to see how you can use analogies to navigate change in complex environments.



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