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Amazing AI Personal Productivity Booster No One Talks About

Every time a new version of a generative AI model is released, YouTube channels light up with hyperbole. "This changes everything," screams the thumbnails, proclaiming that model X has "crushed" model Y. Less than a month later, it's the other way around.

The truth is that all the front-runner models are amazing and will continue to get more amazing. The core capabilities are similar across these models, and from what I have seen, most people have only scratched the surface of what’s been possible for over a year, let alone been concerned with which one is better at writing eighties-style computer games.

So here is something wonderful that has been with us for over a year and can give your productivity a huge boost: Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, can take a stream of unstructured, semi-coherent language and regurgitate polished prose in the style of your choosing. Instead of laboriously hammering out emails, blog posts, articles, or any piece of writing, you can bypass the keyboard entirely, transforming the writing process. Speak your thoughts aloud as a stream of consciousness into the LLM. You don't need to worry about grammar or structure. Once we've poured out our ideas, we can ask the model to reformat and refine our words into a coherent and polished piece in a chosen style.

It's quicker to speak than to type but faster to read than to listen. So, my tip is to use something other than AI for direct dictation, as it will speak back and take ages. Instead, you can use that little microphone on every mobile device's keyboard to write your text. Don’t worry if the recognition isn't perfect. This method works so well because the AI will figure out what you're trying to say and get it right most of the time. And if it doesn't, you can hit the mic button and tell it what to change. You don't have to do that accurately; give it the general idea.

When you are done, you can ask it to try different styles and structures, and it will patiently oblige. If you forgot to include something or had a new thought, it’s no problem; ask the LLM to integrate it. And when you are done, you can make some tweaks. But remember, most of us are not great writers, so don’t be too fussy. For most of our writing, our primary goal is clarity so the reader can understand our message. AI excels at achieving this, especially if you guide how you'd like the finished product to be structured, such as using the pyramid principle, which works well for most work-oriented writing.

This method is incredibly efficient and liberating. It frees us from the constraints of typing and lets our thoughts flow more naturally. So, next time you're working on a piece of writing, consider dictation as your starting point. It might be a game-changer.



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