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Today's organisations are more like ecosystems than machines. So, whether it's organisational change or career change, you are more likely to succeed if you approach change as a gardener, rather than as a mechanic. 


The essential difference between a garden and a machine is one of predictability. Although a machine, such a car might be "complicated", in that it has lots of moving parts, we know exactly what will happen if we push the accelerator or the brake. 


In contrast, a garden is a "complex" ecosystem that has far too many variables to be predictable. Gardeners learn by doing, by finding out what works, in an ever-changing environment.


So if you want to make sustainable change that sticks, start behaving more like a gardener and less like a mechanic.


I have been helping organisations and indivduals to deliver sustainable change for over 20 years and I can help you and your organistion to do the same through:


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